Thursday, December 13, 2012

Incomplete thoughts recorded here: what I thought needed discipline needed stewarding

Wow! Tonight I asked God about disciplining Izzy...and why sometimes I can't seem to get through to her. He made note that (right now) her inner-dialogue is yet louder than her sometimes is seemingly out of touch (with me/us/her physical surroundings), but reminded me not to train that out of her and even THAT is mine to tend or to squelch. How does one teach a 3 year old to filter her thoughts/feelings/sensations? To take ownership of an unction or deny it space? To recognize her own thoughts as a product of logic, reasoning, or process, God's voice as creative, uninhibited, and kind, and release the rest? While I want her to LISTEN TO ME when I speak, I know that she will almost naturally as a part of the overflow of the above. There's unspeakable value in learning to hear and respond to the Voice of God.

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